5522 B Lincoln St. Bethesda MD 20817 TEL: (301) 530-9435 FAX: (301) 530- 4955
286 Brooks Point Lane, Union Hall, Virginia 24176 TEL: (540) 576-1110 FAX:(540) 576-1112

National Institutes of Health

The National Institues of Health in Bethesda, Maryland continues to upgrade old laboratories on their main campus of over 75 buildings. Our designers at GDS + Inc.(AAW partners) are the architectural part of a Design/Build team with Brown & Root Construction that have an indefinite delivery contract with the National Institutes of Health (N.I.H.) Facilities Engineering Department.

Our job at GDS + Inc. was to verify site conditions while working with N.I.H. equipment vendors, and engineers of the fume hoods, sinks, eyewash, induction units, gas/electric/data and communication equipment to fit the renovated spaces.

We did construction documents from scribbled sketches given to us by the Research Team and the Doctors using this laboratory. Our plans went straight into construction in a very fast track mode so that the laboratory had minimal down time.

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