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New Life Christian Fellowship Church, Darnestown MD

The New Life Christian Fellowship Church Rendering


Architects At Work Inc. is now just finishing the preliminary design phase for development of the New Life Christian Fellowship Church. This church will be newly organized in the community around Darnestown, MD.

The basic components of the proposed concept are the following:
- The design has to provide initial phase I and a final phase II of construction with a suitably functioning church at each of the phases.
- The design must accomadate the future membership growth of the congregation.
- The building should be built into the hill of this sloped site for easy access from parking for this suburban facility.

The geometrical and logical center of the building is a space that calls for worship. An open ceiling above the simple multipurpose Sanctuary will bring more air and light into this flexible room. This also is the symbol of this church's open faith and worship for their various uses of music, activing singing, and expression of Christian life.

With this modular layout, overlapping connections join the Sanctuary, Classrooms, Offices, Cry Room, a small Kitchen, and Restrooms. Through the central axis, focus is made to the opening out into the meditation garden, picnic and recreation area.

All big and small areas inside and out will be accessible for elderly and handicap people. When the second phase of the project constucts the larger Sanctuary, the wish of pastor Stew Riddle and his wife Linda to build a small special Sanctuary for the children (from the initial phase's multipurpose Sanctuary) will be achieved.

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