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Bethesda United Methodist Church

Architects At Work Inc. were commissioned to the overall Master Plan for Bethesda United Methodist Church's goals to the year 2020. This was an ambitious project valued at over $2.2 million, and involved extensive renovation of the 60 year old neighborhood church on Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, Maryland. Due to the fact that the building was so old, the code ungrades became both an important and troublesome issue for the team. Submittals to the code officials and further discussions proved that sensible alternatives are possible to achieve even with older facilities.

In the planning effort, the long term goals were established, quantified, and documented so that architectural design and budget parameters would be effectively met. The best use of the existing building was important in order to inventively solve the needs on this tight sub-urban site. Currently the Construction Documents are complete for the first phase work of the Narthex, Fellowship Hall, Administration offices, and the Education Wing corridors.

This project involves nearly $1 million and began construction in March 1999. Architects At Work works very hard to preserve historically important buildings that must meet today's functional modern needs.

Bethesda United Methodist Church Rendering


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