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The Barnard Residence

The Barnard Kitchen

After remodeling their home, Cassie and Bill Barnard said "We were afraid the renovation would take away from the soul of the house, but it didn't."

The 19th century farmhouse was quirky yet charming. Bill, a passionate gardener, has lived here for what seems like forever. The house was always small and quaint, but it seemed that when the Barnard children began to grow, the house became restrictive. The fulfillment of this project was to double the size of the house, and reorganize and upgrade existing space with modern amenities.

The optimistic composition of white and red colors accomplished for the old home the image of new life. The matching clapboard and shutters echoed the gabled standing seam metal roof and true divided-light windows enhances the picturesque antique exterior.

The new addition includes a Family Room with a shed-roof kitchen on the first floor, Master Suite on the second floor and a Playroom in the basement. The newly located modern arrangement of the kitchen was designed to have a built in home organization center. In this arrangement many details were included: a skylight, breakfast nook, desk area, concrete countertop and red country style cabinetry. Addition to the kitchen allows it to also serve as a transit area to the Family Room while still being adjacent to the Dining Room.

The original 8-by-14 foot Master Bedroom was converted into a bathroom within the confines of their new master suite. A small deck overlooking the old-fashioned backyard and creek adds an atmosphere of nature to the new Master Bedroom.

To find more details about this remodeled home, look in the June 16, 1998 issue of "House Remodeling," which published an article on the Barnard home.

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