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CHESAPEAKE BAY New Home: (Annapolis, Maryland)

This new home will provide the local family with a fun living environment that allows views to the Chesapeake Bay and the sailboat pier adjacent to their existing environmental marshland. The property is in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, therefore by County laws the house design was to be responsive to environmental concerns regarding water retention, erosion, and the 100 year flood zone. The floor level and decks conveniently are located out of the flood and water potential danger.

A minimal footprint floor plan was necessary to fit on the very small lot. An open plan concept interior provides modern family living while the exterior details are sympathetic to neighborhood architecture yet being a bit playful with the use of standard siding materials. Plenty of exterior balcony and roof deck areas will encourage outdoor living with above the water views.

Super insulated building enclosure, solar shading, and high efficiency mechanical systems will make energy use savings targets easy to achieve. A heat gain wood burning fireplace box and the back-up electrical generator will ensure continued living through the anticipated electrical outages.


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