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Kibbe Residence Addition

Donna and Marty’s GREAT ROOM concept was conceived by them to be in the spirit of “Camp Style” architecture with big open spaces and a grand fireplace feature at the center of the end wall. They desired tall open viewing window glass so that they could sit indoors and watch it snow outside. This very sociable couple dreamed of plenty of room for family parties and to include a pool table game area.

The designer made an inventive use of standard residential wood roof trusses that were double ganged together so that structural decking could be exposed to this open span. Each truss was painted so that they contrasted with the honey colored natural wood deck. Rigid insulation and shingle nailer sheathing on top of the decking gives more than R-38 insulation for energy conservation. Oversized 2 x 6 wall studs complete the “super-insulated” envelope of this efficient construction.

The steep asymmetrical sloped roof is combined with rough cedar board-and-batten siding to complete the “Camp Style” appearance on the exterior. And of course, an oversized real wood burning fireplace ensures a warm cozy room for those winter family gatherings.

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