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Wilkinson Residence

This 60 year old typical suburban "ranchette" home has sinuous, round, and curved shapes designed into the original structure to successfully add softness to the overall plan and exterior appearance of this brick and siding home in Rockville, Maryland.

During the design process, it was decided to make the family room into a two-story space with living loft and a stairwell through the center of the addition. This model helps us to understand Architects At Works plan to overlay the second floor addition and renovate 530 square feet with the additional indoor/outdoor Gazebo of 560 square feet of changes.

The renovation includes an impressive front Entry/Foyer with its walkway ramp to the newly aligned ground level for wheelchair accessibility. The curved line of the walkway wall repeats throughout the front entrance landscaping.

The creative shapes to the front of the house, with its curved translucent roof, demanded a creative solution to the back of the house as well. The open-air Gazebo in the backyard restates the front design with its curved pillared roof. The walkway between the Gazebo and the house includes a complete outdoor kitchen area with fireplace that can be closed in the winter with folding doors for an intimate party.

The interior includes an expanded updated Kitchen; a Family Room, Home Office and each of the three eventual Bedrooms will have adjacent bathrooms. One of the new Bathrooms will offer accessibility for the disabled.

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